Cartier Trinity Tri-Color Rolling Bracelet

Authentic Cartier Trinity rolling bracelet crafted in 18 karat white, yellow, and rose gold. Size 64, fits up to a 7 3/4 inch wrist. Signed Cartier, 750, 64 with serial number and hallmarks.

Product Description

Authentic Cartier Trinity rolling bracelet crafted in 18 karat white, yellow, and rose gold. Size 64, fits up to a 7 3/4 inch wrist. Signed Cartier, 750, 64 with serial number and hallmarks.

  • Brand: Cartier
  • Collection: Trinity
  • Metal: 18 karat white, yellow, and rose gold
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Wear: Consistent with age and use
  • Weight: 32.5 grams
  • Measurements: 3.5mm width
Cartier Trinity Tri Color Rolling Bracelet Coral 36
Cartier Trinity Tri Color Rolling Bracelet Coral 26

Cartier Trinity Tri-Color Rolling Bracelet

Cartier’s Trinity rolling bracelet comes in 18 karat white, yellow and rose gold. It is a size 64 and can fit a wrist up to 7 3/4 inches in circumference. It is stamped 750 and is marked with hallmarks. The bracelet is in excellent condition and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cartier’s Tutti Frutti collection

The Tutti Frutti collection of jewels is a collection of colorful pieces inspired by the Indian subcontinent. In the early 1900s, Cartier had been inspired by the intricate designs and vibrant colors of Indian jewellery, including those made with carved gemstones. The collection was first created for Queen Alexandra, wife of King Edward VII and Empress Consort of India. Queen Alexandra commissioned Cartier to design a necklace for her to match three Indian gowns.

The first Tutti Frutti jewels were exhibited in Paris at the 1925 Exposition, which were admired by celebrities such as Daisy Fellowes, a heiress of the Singer sewing machine company. These pieces were unique and sought after, with carved emeralds, rubies, and sapphires set in diamonds and platinum.

One of the most popular pieces in the Tutti Frutti collection was designed in the 1930s and was passed down for thirty years through a family in America. The bracelet featured carved emerald, ruby, and sapphire leaves set in a platinum frame. The carved stones were not of the highest quality, and often contained a garden of inclusions.

The Tutti Frutti jewelry collection was a popular design during the Art Deco era. The pieces from this collection are considered icons of the era. They were created to celebrate the interplay of Eastern and Western cultures. They are also highly prized, and many pieces have been sold for millions of dollars.

The Tutti Frutti collection was one of the most expensive collections of jewellery sold at an online auction. Earlier, people hesitated to make big purchases online, but now this trend is changing and collectors are confident enough to buy a Cartier Tutti Frutti bracelet and other pieces.

Cartier’s Tutti Frutti collection was designed with the idea of making jewellery in a colorful way that would appeal to a wide variety of tastes. It was a hit and earned the prestigious Fifth Avenue for two of its natural pearl stands. Moreover, it was one of the first modern men’s wristwatches.

In the early 20th century, Cartier also began to explore its relationship with the Indian subcontinent. Jacques Cartier travelled to India in 1911 to search for gemstones. He also made contact with the Maharaja of Patiala, who gave him one of his largest commissions. The Maharaja of Patiala commissioned Cartier to reset the crown jewels of his country. The Patiala necklace contains nearly 3,000 diamonds, including a 234 carat De Beers diamond.

In 1911, Cartier was inspired by the Indian culture. During the Delhi Durbar, which celebrated the coronation of King George V, the jewelry maker saw the richness of Indian civilization and sought established Indian gemstone merchants. The Indian artisans were skilled in hollowing out the sapphires and emeralds. They also created red spinels known as Balas rubies.

Cartier’s Tank watch

The Cartier Trinity collection was conceived by Louis Cartier in 1924 to celebrate life’s most important relationships. Its three intertwined bands of gold feature pink, yellow and white gold. The Tank watch has a unique shape reminiscent of a tank.

The Cartier Trinity Tri-Color Rolling Band is crafted of 18 karat white, yellow, and rose gold. It is made to fit a wrist size up to 7 1/4 inches. It is signed 750 and comes with its original pouch.

Cartier’s mystery clocks

Cartier’s mystery clocks are an incredible way to wear time, combining exquisite craftsmanship, elegance, and the latest in watchmaking technology. Even today, they continue to awe and delight observers. As early as 1911, King Edward VII referred to Cartier as the “jeweller of kings” and “king of jewellers”. In fact, nineteen of the twenty-nine tiaras worn during the coronation of King George V were produced by Cartier. This made the company an official supplier of royal jewellery.

The mystery clock series was created by Louis Cartier, who was the founder of Cartier. He conceived the idea for the first Cartier creation, a mysterious watch that had no visible dial. This was the first of its kind, and it was developed by Louis Cartier with help from watchmaker Maurice Couet. This watchmaker took inspiration from the designs of the famous French magician Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin. The company’s first mystery clock was the Model A, which appeared to be made of rock crystal with an invisible dial.

In the 1920s, the mystery clocks were expanded to pedestal styles and single-column designs, matching the Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin design more closely. The new designs also improved the illusion by hiding the clock’s metal mechanism.


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