Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings in White Gold and Diamonds REF: 8B0234

  • Force 10 earrings 18k white gold and diamonds medium model.
    • 18K white gold
    • Pattern length: 14 mm
    • 40 brilliant cut white diamonds : 0.52 carat* / GVS
    • REF: 8B0234

Product Description

Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings in White Gold and Diamonds REF: 8B0234

Force 10 earrings 18k white gold and diamonds medium model.


  • 18K white gold
  • Pattern length: 14 mm
  • 40 brilliant cut white diamonds : 0.52 carat* / GVS
  • REF: 8B0234
Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings In White Gold And Diamonds Ref 8b0234 Coral 28
Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings In White Gold And Diamonds Ref 8b0234 Coral 538

Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings


If you’re looking for Fred Force 10 jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. From Fred Force 10 winches to Fred Force 10 rings, we’ve got you covered. These earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are a perfect way to show off your unique style.

Fred Force 10

The iconic Fred Force 10 bracelet is an institution within the Fred jewelry brand. It has been around for almost four decades, and has never been out of style. It makes an obvious choice for couples, or a unique gift for that special someone. These bracelets feature a distinctive U-shaped fastener, which adds a stylish touch.

These 18k Customized Fred Earrings are crafted in Shenzhen, China using Genuine Manufacturing Molds, which use the same 18k gold and diamonds as the original product. They are made according to first-class craftsmanship and 1:1 data, ensuring that they are 100 percent genuine.

Fred Force 10 Winch

The signature Fred Force 10 bracelet is an institution in the Fred jewelry line, lasting nearly four decades. This timeless classic is sure to impress any recipient. The bracelet is available in several colors, including yellow, pink and white. Its U-shaped fastener combines functional design with contemporary style.

In this acclaimed drama, Seo Ye-ji wears Fred Force 10 Collection, which was created by his father’s eldest son. The film follows the life of an antisocial children’s book author and a selfless psch ward caretaker who are forced to work together to save their friends.

Fred jewelry is made in Shenzhen, China, using Genuine Manufacturing Molds. The company uses the same grade 18k gold and diamonds that would be used in a genuine piece. The company prides itself on incorporating the finest craftsmanship and meticulousness into every piece of jewelry.

Fred Force 10 bracelets

The Fred Force 10 collection features bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings in a variety of colors. Inspired by sailing ropes, the bracelets and earrings feature a gold buckle. The collection includes yellow, white, and rose gold pieces. There are also a number of unisex models available for men and women.

In recent years, Fred has been focusing on the Asian market. The brand has also made its mark in China by introducing the Force 10 collection. It was Guan who introduced the brand to Chinese audiences through Weibo, a popular Chinese social network. The brand has also recently expanded its reach into China with the opening of a store in the Wangfu Central mall and the appointment of actress Guan Xiaotong as its brand ambassador.

Fred jewelry is based in Paris. The brand’s history comes from the star-studded European post-war cinema. The rise of Fred is a testament to the importance of the seventh art. Fred has continued to provide a variety of jewelry, watches, and other accessories to consumers around the world.

Fred Force 10 rings

While the Fred jewelry brand is sold in dozens of countries worldwide, it has a very limited distribution in the United States. In the United States, the company is sold through Hamilton Jewelers. Its stores are located in New Jersey and Florida, and they have been selling Fred for six years. Although Fred is a global company, its executives place an emphasis on Asian markets.

This collection features bracelets, rings, and earrings in rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. They are available in different shapes and sizes. Many of the models can be combined in infinite combinations. These bracelets are very durable and will last for years. They will make a great gift for a special someone or a couple.

The Fred brand is known for its unique and luxurious styles. Fred was founded in 1903 and has stores in Paris, London, and New York. The brand was inspired by the stars of European cinema and post-war cinema. The seventh art was instrumental to Fred’s rise, and today Fred continues to produce fine jewelry and watches.

Fred Force 10 earrings

Fred Force 10 bracelets are a classic and iconic piece of Fred Force jewelry. These bracelets, made of braided steel wires, symbolize strength and solid attachment. They are available in a variety of colors, including yellow, rose, and white gold. If you’re looking for an original gift for a loved one, Fred Force 10 bracelets are a great choice.

Fred is a Parisian Maison that is 86 years old and produces simple, utilitarian designs. The company’s designs are inspired by nautical rope knots and everyday objects, and it plays with modular design. The company is now part of LVMH’s international portfolio and has recently opened its largest flagship boutique in Southeast Asia.

The Force 10 bracelet was designed in 1966. Inspired by maritime and sporting influences, the piece incorporates woven steel sailing cable with a gold buckle. This casual yet chic design has become a classic staple for Fred’s casual and streamlined collections. This bracelet is an exquisite way to show your personality while showing off your style.

Fred is one of the most iconic jewelry brands. With four Parisian locations and an online store, Fred offers the finest jewellery collections in the world. Its collections include fine and high jewellery, as well as watches and eyewear. No matter what your style, you’ll find something that fits you.

Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings in White Gold and Diamonds


Inspired by the ropes of a sailing ship, the Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings are made of white gold and diamonds. Their delicate design is sure to turn heads. The earrings are available in various colors and sizes.

Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings in White Gold and Diamonds

Fred Force 10 is a jewelry brand that was founded by Fred Samuel, a sailor and enthusiast. He named his bracelet Force 10, inspired by the ropes on sailing boats. The brand offers a wide range of products that range from earrings to necklaces. The collection includes white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Fred Samuel was born in Buenos Aires in 1908. The Latin American influence on his work gave him a place in the jewellery world. Pearls became his specialty. His knowledge of pinkish specimens gave him a place as a true expert.

Inspired by sailing ropes

Fred jewelry was founded in Paris in 1936 and has been a favorite of the royal family and celebrities ever since. In 1966, Fred launched the Force 10 collection, a line of earrings inspired by the sport of sailing. These earrings quickly became icons, thanks to their funky design and vibrant colors. These earrings pair well with bright summer outfits as well as outfits with darker tones.

The Force 10 collection is inspired by the sport of sailing and the concept of a woven steel rope. The collection incorporates nautical references into its designs, combining nautical-inspired motifs and modern fashion sensibilities. These earrings feature a gold buckle and a braided steel rope. The pieces are available in various colors and styles, including mini-models.


Fred jewelry is known for its high-end designs and sunglasses. It has been featured in movies including Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman and Richard Gere’s Force 10. The price range starts from EUR750 for a single earring and goes as high as EUR51,700 for a necklace with 200 diamonds. The company prioritizes sales in Asia, where they are able to sell more expensive pieces.

The Force 10 collection was created in 1966 and features a unique design with a nautical theme. Inspired by sailboats, the Force 10 bracelet combines a woven steel sailing cable and gold buckle. The bracelet represents freedom and achievement while retaining an air of casual elegance. It is available in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. The collection also includes earrings and rings.

Fred has been expanding its business globally in recent years. The company has recently entered the Chinese market. This has helped the brand’s sales grow by 12 per cent. This growth is due to the brand’s clienteling. Fred also offers its products online.

Fred Force 10 Medium Model Earrings in White Gold and Diamonds REF: 8B0234


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