Chaumet Jardins Laurier Earrings 083505 White Gold Diamonds

  • REFERENCE: 083505
  • 18-carat white gold
  • G VS+ diamonds

Product Description

Chaumet Jardins Laurier Earrings 083505 White Gold Diamonds

The Laurier collection celebrates this symbolic plant, ever-present in the creations of the Maison. Reinterpreted in diamonds and white gold, Chaumet presents a creation of fascinating realism that mirrors nature. A symbol of immortality beloved by Empress Joséphine and an allegory of victory and power adopted by Napoleon, the Laurier earrings glorify contemporary femininity.


  • REFERENCE: 083505
  • 18-carat white gold
  • G VS+ diamonds
  • Price: Upon request


*Each Coral creation is unique. As a result, size, carat weight and stone qualities can vary slightly from one creation to another.

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Chaumet Jardins Laurier Earrings – White Gold Diamonds 083505


Chaumet’s 2018 Laurier Precious Jewellery collection is themed around the laurel and designed for everyday wear. The laurel is a symbol of Napoleon, power and immortality. The laurel was also featured in Chaumet’s ‘Firmament Apollinien’ painting. The Laurier Precious Jewellery collection includes both colour and monochrome pieces.

Chaumet Jardin

This pair of Chaumet earrings is part of the Laurier collection, which is inspired by the unique movement of a leaf. The collection includes six unique pieces, including a delicate necklace with leaf-shaped medallions, two rings with diamond foliage, and lavish earrings. This collection continues Chaumet’s tradition of Haute Jewellery.

The Laurier collection celebrates nature in its designs, and features the iconic laurel motif that is the hallmark of the brand. It is a symbol of immortality and everlasting power, and the brand’s new ‘Laurier’ collection pays tribute to this symbol. The laurel was previously associated with Napoleon, but Chaumet wants to reclaim the symbol through this collection.

These earrings feature a star-shaped cluster of diamonds that are set within a crown-like design. The diamonds are cut with 88 facets, which is considered a lucky number and doubles as an evocation of infinite love. Another design feature is the bee-dance cut, which is a symbolic representation of the movements of worker bees. Bees use dances to communicate with each other and to find food.

Another design that will definitely impress is the Bee My Love collection. This collection includes several pieces that feature the popular taille imperatrice-cut diamonds. The ring pairs with both drop earrings and pendants featuring these diamonds. The collection is also complemented by a bee-themed pendant that features an abstract design.

The Chaumet brand has continued to evolve over the years to keep pace with fashion trends. It is currently a member of the LVMH Group and will celebrate its 240th anniversary in 2020. Its workshops and salons are still located in Place Vendome, where jewelers continue to create jewelry and tiaras.

Chaumet’s Josephine Aigrette tiara

The Laurier collection is a tribute to nature and the feminine spirit. The collection consists of six exceptional pieces that celebrate nature in modern ways. The collection includes a medallion pendant that emulates a leaf, two diamond-studded rings, and lavish earrings. The collection also features a secret watch with an aventurine dial. It is a tribute to nature and Chaumet’s Haute Jewellery tradition.

The Chaumet jewelry house has a rich history that stretches back to the 16th century. The jewelry house was established as an official jeweler for the Imperial Court and became the personal jeweler of Empress Josephine. As a result, Chaumet quickly became one of the most famous jewelry houses in Europe. It was one of the first companies to popularize the tiara, which is now a popular status symbol, and it created ornate pieces for the Empress Marie-Louise, Napoleon’s second wife.

The Maison Bee My Love white gold diamond ring features a central one-carat stone and a trio of Taille-Imperatrice-cut diamonds. It pairs well with other pieces that feature the unique cut of diamonds in white gold. Its mirror-polished edges catch the light as it shines on the surface. It pays homage to Chaumet’s founder, who was also a goldsmith.

Chaumet’s Laurier Precious Jewellery collection

Chaumet’s Laurier collection is a tribute to nature. Inspired by the movement of a leaf, the collection features six exceptional pieces: a delicate necklace mimicking the wind, a medallion pendant in the shape of a leaf, two rings studded with diamond foliage, and lavish earrings. Despite its whimsical aesthetic, the Laurier collection is firmly rooted in the Haute Jewellery tradition.

The collection is a celebration of nature and the symbolism of laurel, a plant that has long symbolized immortality. The laurel has long been associated with Chaumet, and it is an important part of the brand’s recent ‘Laurier’ collection. In addition to its symbolic meaning, the laurel also attracts success, and Chaumet’s Laurier earrings are no exception.

Each piece of Chaumet jewelry speaks volumes about the timeless beauty of the brand. The designs are infused with lucky motifs to attract good fortune, and the brand’s 240-year-old history is evident in every piece. These pieces are also a tribute to the women who cherish Chaumet.

From its humble beginnings in 1765, Chaumet has grown into one of the world’s premier luxury jeweler. The maison was founded by Marie-Etienne Nitot and is still a part of the LVMH Group. Its high-end jewelry workshop and salons remain in Paris. Today, Chaumet’s jewelers continue to create jewelry, tiaras, and more.

Chaumet’s Laurier Precious Jewellery

Inspired by nature, Chaumet has created a new collection of earrings featuring laurel, a symbolic plant. Symbolized by Napoleon, the laurel is a symbol of immortality and everlasting power. As a result, these earrings embody the beauty of nature and glorify contemporary femininity.

These earrings are adorned with pear-cut diamonds, which were the favourite diamond cut of Empress Josephine. They fall from an asymmetrical V, making them the perfect gift for the holidays. The Chaumet Josephine Aigrette tiara also represents the regal power of the Empress Josephine. Its dazzling style evokes the royal style of the era, and is available in Chaumet boutiques around the world.

Set in white gold, this pair of earrings has a halo of diamonds that resembles a star. Each diamond has 88 facets, which is a traditional auspicious number and doubles as a symbol of infinite love. The diamonds’ cut is also unique, mimicking a bee’s dance, a form of communication used by worker bees to communicate with each other about food sources.

Since Chaumet’s founding in 1840, the brand has evolved to reflect changing tastes and trends. It is part of the LVMH Group and will celebrate its 240th birthday in 2020. Its high jewelry workshop and salons remain in Place Vendome, France, where artisans craft stunning jewelry and tiaras.

Chaumet Jardins Laurier Earrings 083505 White Gold Diamonds


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